1About Scott Bryan


Welcome to Oh It’s Scott Bryan, a blog where I rant about the latest developments in TV, life and OCCASIONALLY DETAIL MY THOUGHTS IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

I currently work at The Times, and I am soon to join BuzzFeed. I like emails, particularly ones in capital letters, so send me an email to scottglennbryan (at) gmail (dot) com. Here’s my Linkedin profile. You can also follow me at @scottygb.

Here’s some stuff that I’ve written…


21 Reasons Why It Sucks Being A Gay Teenager (6th August 2013)

This Local Car Hire Ad Is Truly Astonishing (30th July 2013)

This Hotel Advert Is Unbelievably Awful (15th August 2013)

Everything You Need To Know About Peter Capaldi And The Twelfth Doctor (4th August 2013)

23 Signs You Still Haven’t Moved On From The London Olympics (29th July 2013)


New Statesman

So… Why does the Daily Express hate the EU? (13th March 2013)



‘Spare a thought for the staff of HMV’ (15th January 2013)



The Midnight Beast – Making the leap from YouTube to TV (5th July 2012)

Goodbye Skins – You will be sorely missed (9th March 2012)

Have you been watching Misfits? – TV Blog (15th December 2011)



These are some of my favourite articles:

What I learnt from working at a national newspaper (26th September 2013)

The Eternal Intern: How NOT to network (29th October 2012)

The most important thing you can do for your career when you’re at university... (6th September 2013)

What your office lunch says about you (18th February 2013)

A guide to living with housemates once you’ve nailed your first job or got to Uni (6th August 2013)

And I’ve done these too:

The New Job Blog: Using social media at work: a comprehensive guide (17th January 2013)

The New Job Blog: What Scott Bryan learned about job-hunting in 2012 (31st December 2012)

The New Job Blog: How to get through Christmas without stressing about work (24th Dec 2012)

The New Job Blog: How to Survive the Christmas Party (10th Dec 2012)

The New Job Blog: The Difference between being an Intern and Having a Job (3rd Dec 2012)

The Not So Eternal Intern: I’ve Got a Job! (27th Nov 2012)

The Eternal Intern: How not to get Left Behind (19th Nov 2012)

The Eternal Intern: How to not make your new colleagues hate you (15th Nov 2012)

The Eternal Intern: The Hell of Grappling with Technology in Unfamiliar Offices (5th Nov 2012)

The Eternal Intern: Nerves and New Beginnings (23rd Oct 2012)



In the Magazine

The Nuns’ Story – Exclusive interview with the nuns from Call The Midwife (plugged on the front page of the issue 18-24th Feb) 

Help us track own the real Chummy – Call The Midwife (12th February 2012)

Online Features:

Five things The Tube taught us about the London Underground (26th March 2012)

How to be a Big Brother contestant (25th January 2012)

A time-line of Doctor Who rumours (15th November 2011)


Review – The Public Philosopher (Week 43, 2012)

Review – Betty Driver (Week 42, 2012)

Review – News Quiz USA (Week 41, 2012)

Review – Five More Ages of Brandreth (Week 40, 2012)

Review – Big Shot (Week 39, 2012)

Review – David Frost’s Hollywood Greats (Week 38, 2012)

Review – The Reunion (Week 37, 2012)

Review – Hitch-hiker’s Guide to Europe (Week 35, 2012)

Review – Book of the Week: Tubes (Week 32, 2012)

Review – Leap of Faith (Week 32, 2012)

Review – The Blagger’s Guide to the Games (Week 31, 2012)

Review – 1948 – London’s Austerity Games (Week 31, 2012)

Review – Amy Winehouse: Singer (Week 30, 2012)

Review – Britain in a Box (Week 26, 2012)

Review – Afternoon Play: Flying Backwards (Week 25, 2012)

Review – Cerys Matthews’s Blue Horizon (Week 24, 2012)

Review – Diamond Jubilee Concert (Week 23, 2012)

Review – The Tom Robinson Show (Week 23, 2012)

Review – Radio 1’s Stories (Example) (Week 22, 2012)

Review – The End of Drug Discovery (Week 21, 2012)

Review – Crossing Continents (Week 20, 2012)

Review – Asian Weddings: Something Gold, Nothing Borrowed, Everything New (Week 19, 2012)

Review – Conjuring Haile (Week 18, 2012)

Review – Listen to the Band (Week 17, 2012)

Review – Titanic: Minute by Minute (Week 16, 2012)

Review – Random Edition: Sinking of the Titanic Special (Week 15, 2012)

Review – Robert Winston’s Musical Analysis (Week 14, 2012)

Review – There Is Business Like Show Business (Week 13, 2012)

Review – Scott’s Legacy  (Week 12, 2012)

Review – Building The Big Society (Week 11, 2012)

Review – Drama on 3 – My Generation (Week 6, 2012)


TV Review – The Exclusives (18th May 2012)

Why ITV2’s The Exclusives isn’t The Young Apprentice (17th May 2012)


Being Dyslexic Can Actually Be Bloody Brilliant (22nd May 2012)

Why This Whole Jeremy Clarkson Story Is A Farce (12th January 2012)

Why You Have To Watch ‘The Only Way Is Dalston’ (22nd October 2011)

Why The Gay Scene Has Got To Change (14th August 2011)

I’d Rather Be A Minus Than Be On Google+ (8th August 2011)


How to survive Freshers’ Week (21st September 2012)

When to Leave your Internship (29th August 2012)

Being a Dyslexic Creative (13th August 2012)

How to Write the Perfect Invoice (24th July 2012)

Setting up a Company: The Lowdown (21st June 2012)

Freelancing and HMRC (10th May 2012)

My week as Guest Editor of IdeasTap (20th April 2012)

The best creative workplaces throughout the country (19th April 2012)

How to cope with rejection (18th April 2012)


I also appeared in an advertisement for The Times paywall in the Summer of 2010

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    Wow, I love your blog! I might come to that thing you tweeted about at the end of the month, maybe I can buy you a drink? =]

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